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Showers were forecasted yesterday but Seattle defied it and it was sunny with a gentle breeze – ideal walking weather! We strolled along Lake Union to Fremont and it was time for pie!

Pie has a huge variety of pies on its menu – breakfast, savoury, vegetarian and sweet. My eyes widened when I saw the English meat pie was available and Mr S ordered the chicken pot pie. At our local bakery in Sydney, the steak and mushroom pie was a favourite comfort food. The Pie version is a good substitute. It is made with minced beef, mushrooms and onions, and encased in a shortcrust pastry. In Australia, pies are traditionally made with flaky pastry and are disc shaped, like a hockey puck, which I find easier to eat by hand but the shortcrust pastry is sturdier and less soggy.

There were chairs and tables on the sidewalk and we dined al fresco for the first time in Seattle. My pie was fresh from the oven and the filling was juicy with the onion finely chopped and slices of mushrooms are visible. I had a couple of bites of the chicken pot pie and they were mouthfuls of chicken and vegetable chunks.

I was in charge of choosing dessert and I returned with five mini mini pies. On top is peanut butter chocolate cookie, and from top right – mixed berry, key lime, lemon custard and classic apple. After sampling each, I realised we should have eaten them in reverse order. The creamy ones first, then the fruits and finally the chocolate. The key lime and lemon custard are subtle flavours, the classic apple and mixed berry are delicious and we would have happily split a full-sized one of each, and the peanut butter chocolate cookie is rich and crumbly.

I noticed there was a mac and cheese pie on the board when I was perusing the sweet ones. I was intrigued and will be returning to try that one and the other mini mini pies. I also think it’s an ingenious business idea to have a late night window open on Friday and Saturday nights for the party crowds.

Get thee to Pie in Fremont!


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