Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Mobile Food Rodeo – Fremont, Seattle

Posted on: Monday 07 May 2012

We returned from a sodden and blustery week in London to a glorious Seattle spring weekend. I check the weather forecast morning and night, converting Fahrenheit to Celsius and scrutinise the predicted precipitation. I wither in the blistering sun in Australia and I wilt in the shades of grey of the Pacific Northwest. C’est la vie!

It was a rejuvenating walk to Fremont for the second Mobile Food Rodeo. Clear sky, a gentle breeze, geese and their goslings pecking the grassy banks of Lake Union, the fresh air soothed the jet lag.

Parallel to the Fremont Sunday Market the Mobile Food Rodeo changed its venue to a closed street this year.

There was no wait to enter with free admission and the atmosphere was congenial. Families picnicked, friends gathered and couples strolled with their dogs.

I patiently queued at Maximus Minimus while Mr S browsed the row of food trucks. Our appetiser was from Happy Grillmore of Portland.

Steadied by a toothpick, the pulled pork slider with jalapeño lime aioli and spicy pineapple coleslaw was a little small for the price but was juicy and tangy. The sweet potato fries were pleasantly crunchy.

The customised pig is back for another season with attitude. I was bewildered the first time I saw Maximus Minimus grunting on a Downtown street!

Wedged in a doughy bun were chunks of Maximus pulled pork. Marinated in a sticky sauce, the pork was tender and spicy. A side of Maximus coleslaw flecked with coriander was refreshing.

A toothy Mohawk tomato is the mascot for Tokyo Dog.

Wrapped in chequered wax paper, the signature Tokyo dog of smoked cheese bratwurst was seasoned with teriyaki grilled onions, furikake, tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. The meaty hot dog had bold umami flavours. We shared a bottle of Calpico Mango, a Japanese yoghurt drink.

Our final food truck was Parfait Organic Artisan Ice Cream, my favourite local ice creamery that delivers!

We happily licked scoops of toasted coconut and chocolate peanut butter cup in sugary waffle cones as we weaved through the Fremont Sunday Market.

The inaugural kinks have been untangled and it was a better organised Mobile Food Rodeo.


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