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El Camino – Fremont, Seattle

Posted on: Wednesday 11 April 2012

We dined at El Camino with expats during our first week in Seattle. It felt shockingly cold transitioning from a sweltering southern hemisphere summer. I shivered in the dim enclosed patio, a wattage that I have since learnt is standard in Pacific Northwest restaurants. We returned to El Camino during daylight a couple of weekends ago. Painted a powdered blue, the Mexican eatery is located in the heart of Fremont.

The eclectic interior is decorated with paintings, posters, poppy chairs, and tangerine and lime walls.

Wrought iron gates sectioned off the spacious dining room from the bar and patio.

We were seated by the window in a near empty restaurant. A string of festive lanterns dangled above.

An ominous bottle of habanero sauce was at every table with a salt bowl.

A beverage of sparkling wine and pomegranate juice was appetisingly sour.

In a lotus shape, saffron coloured plantain chips were on a mound of salsa fresca and guacamole. The tostones de platano macho con guacamole was a starchy alternative to corn chips.

On a bed of black beans were white corn tortillas sautéed in tomatillo cream and topped with shredded chicken, queso fresco, diced onion and a dollop of sour cream. Described as cooked nachos, the chilaquiles de chile verde was a balanced lunch.

Two tacos were grilled steak parcels double wrapped in white corn tortillas. Garnished with diced onions and coriander, the tacos de carne asada were served with a pot of tomatillo salsa, and a generous scoop of rice and beans.

It would be a lovely summer evening on the El Camino patio!


2 Responses to "El Camino – Fremont, Seattle"

Going to Seattle next month, and will have to give this place a try! Thanks for sharing!

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