Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Gramercy Tavern – Flatiron District, New York

Posted on: Tuesday 10 April 2012

New York is a walking city. When I was in the Big Apple during Hurricane Irene, stores, museums and the Subway were closed. Ms H and I traipsed from Times Square to 86th on the Upper East Side in a futile search for an open cinema. We whiled away the afternoon criss-crossing the subdued neighbourhoods, pausing for a glass of vino in an Irish pub.

We were blessed with pleasant spring weather this trip. We browsed the Union Square Greenmarket late Saturday morning and backtracked to Gramercy Tavern for lunch.

Located in a historic building, a painted wooden plaque reflected the botanical display in the entryway that greeted patrons.

The tavern has street frontage and the separate dining room is at the back. Only the tavern is open for lunch on weekends. An earthy arrangement of yellow buds, blooms and branches in terracotta pots was adjacent to our table.

Square canvases of modern murals fenced the ceiling.

On a wire stand at the end of the bar was a wild bouquet of corn coloured stems.

A disc of butter and sea salt preceded a basket of bread.

A jewel toned effervescent beverage, the cranberry crush of cranberries, lime and club soda was tart and refreshing.

Served in a shallow bowl, the chunks of smoked pork shoulder and cornbread were atop salsify and in a pool of bacon broth. The meat was luscious, the root vegetable tender and the broth rich, it was a soulful dish.

A crispy skinned chicken portion was paired with yu choy, spring onions and shiitake mushrooms. The yu choy purée had an intense leafy green flavour that accentuated the simplicity of the poultry.

We shared a selection of sorbets for dessert. Quenelles of blackcurrant, roasted pineapple and mango lime sorbets rested on shortbread crumbs. The sorbets were a trifecta of vibrant fruitiness.

Thanks to Adrian for the recommendation!


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