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The Meadow – Boise, Portland

Posted on: Monday 02 April 2012

My previous attempts to visit The Meadow in Portland and New York were cancelled by illness and foiled by Hurricane Irene. I was enchanted by the charismatic Mark Bitterman at a potluck last year and had imagined The Meadow as a quaint boutique. Located on the hip Mississippi Avenue in Portland, The Meadow is a purveyor of salts, chocolates, wines, bitters and flowers.

Painted teal with gold flower motif and lettering, The Meadow was a welcomed sight for our caffeinated threesome.

A chalkboard, pails of flowers and stacks of Himalayan salt blocks framed the mint window sill.

The view of The Meadow through the doorway.

A rustic wooden table was laden with mixed vases of vibrant flowers. Their floral fragrances scented the whole room.

A printed missive stated ‘throw away your table salt’. Mark is an advocate for artisan salts.

A wall of shelves was full of glass jars with azure labels. There were sections of curing salts, flake salts, fleur de sel, Hawaiian salts, Italian salts, Japanese salts, Korean salts, rock salts and sel gris.

The salt starter set, left to right: fleur de sel, sel gris Noirmoutier, Maldon, black diamond, Molokai red and Kauai guava smoked.

The Meadow salt set, left to right: Pangasinan star, sel gris, Marlborough flaky, amabito no moshio, haleakala ruby and Halen Môn gold.

Peppers, infused salts, smoked salts, and salt and pepper mills.

Salt accoutrements displayed on Himalayan salt blocks.

Neat rows of wine were at the back of the store.

Colourful bottles of bitters were behind the counter.

A curated collection of chocolates.

The Meadow stocked a variety of local and international chocolates and caramels.

I spotted this cute tin of sardine shaped chocolates.

Individual chocolate bars and salted caramels tempted patrons at the register.

My purchases, clockwise from top right: François Pralus Mini Tropical Pyramid, ceramic bowl and pewter spoon, Paris Caramels with Charentes-Poitou butter, Pineau des Charentes and fleur de sel, Sahagún Almond Bergamot, and Santander semi dark chocolate bar 53% cacao.

I only have six French salted caramels left!


3 Responses to "The Meadow – Boise, Portland"

The fact that you are running out of caramels (they were so scrumptious!) can only mean it is time for another drive down south to visit The Meadow). I still have Shirley’s chocolate bar for when she returns from Tokyo. Just say when and we’ll go! xo

Yes please! It was such a fun introduction to Portland. Let’s do it again soon. 🙂

[…] Bitterman is championing the salt renaissance. The owner of The Meadow and author of Salted hosted a dinner class at Lisa Dupar Catering a couple of weeks ago. At home we […]

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