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Granville Island Public Market – Granville Island, Vancouver

Posted on: Wednesday 21 December 2011

I experienced my first Dim-sum-couver last week. Naomi steered, Sally Simpleton navigated, and Cameo and I anchored the car. Granville Island Public Market was on the route of our dumplings and noodles schedule. The market was damp and quiet on a late weekday afternoon. We noticed a festive cement truck, resplendent in shimmering lights and guarded by an illuminated Santa Claus.

Baskets of vegetables lined the tiered shelves, the fresh produce stalls is reminiscent of the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne.

The crimson leaves of the poinsettia were vibrant among the floral bouquets.

A delectable selection of cakes and tarts at Stuart’s Bakery.

Beef, ham and lamb bones for dogs!

A wall of tins at the Granville Island Tea Company.

Containers of dressings, pesto, dips, salsa and soups.

A variety of fillings in freshly made ravioli at Zara’s Italian Deli.

Punnets of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and golden berries.

Creative confectionery by ChocolateTas.

A Canada themed sweet gift.

Glistening slabs of pâté and terrines studded with handwritten signs at Oyama Sausage Company.

Charcuterie at Oyama Sausage Company included duck, elk and goose prosciutto, and bison bresaola.

Local cheeses are denoted with a Canadian flag at Dussa’s Ham and Cheese.

Wedges of cheese at Benton Brothers Fine Cheese. Each cheese is identified with a laminated flavour profile, origin and milk source.

Buckets of marinated olives with dispensing spoons.

Neatly stacked bagels at Siegel’s Bagels.

The smoked meat filled bagel piqued Sally Simpleton’s interest and we shared one as a snack. More a savoury pastry than a bagel, it was a delicious combination of warm smoked meats and molten Parmesan.

Seasonal baked goods at Terra Breads.

It was a lovely walk through the indoor public market at Granville Island.


6 Responses to "Granville Island Public Market – Granville Island, Vancouver"

Great post Lillian. I haven’t been to Granville Island in a few years. After looking at your beautiful photos I want to go back soon 🙂

We’ll go together. 🙂 Many boutique stores and I would like to dine at the Edible Canada Bistro.

Edible Canada has amazing foodie things..different from what is here. Reading your post make me want to go back again and again. Never tire of that place!!

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