Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Bécasse Bakery – Sydney, Australia

Posted on: Monday 19 December 2011

The renovated Westfield is at the heart of the Sydney shopping district. Mirrors and polished metal feature throughout and the intersecting levels are just as confusing as the old one. Sydneysiders are shopping at the flagship stores and eating at the restaurants. From burgers to fish and chips, I love its interpretation of a food court.

On a gloomy morning I rolled up my jeans and splashed in puddles in flip-flops en route to Bécasse Bakery. Justin and Georgia North have relocated their two hatted restaurant to Westfield Sydney and expanded with a bakery and Quarter Twenty One, a restaurant, store, cookery school and catering business.

Conveniently positioned near the express escalator, Bécasse and Quarter Twenty One is on the left as you alight and the bakery is on the right. There is a long narrow window with a view of the bakers kneading, shaping, glazing and piping. An L shaped glass counter was lined with delectable sweet and savoury items.

A hessian sack and coffee beans on display.

From left to right: petit gateau opera, petit carrot cake, petit pistachio friand and pear tart.

From left to right: lemon tart, and banana and salted peanut brittle tartlet.

From left to right: gateau Saint Honoré, vanilla bean and passionfruit cheesecake, and mille feuille.

From left to right: pineapple and coconut muffin, gluten free brownie, and brioche flower.

From left to right: almond croissant, mixed berry danish and danish sultana snail.

Bread loaves and rolls.

Chocolate and hazelnut are a perfect pairing and a favourite of mine. The snail was dense and spread with a thick chocolate hazelnut paste.

The cinnamon sugar twist was fragrant and flaky. It was a delight to uncurl the pastry with sticky fingers.

I meandered across to Quarter Twenty One afterwards. The name is a reference to the purported weight of the human soul and Quarter Twenty One ‘put our soul into the food we prepare’.

A glass wall and a row of bright lights flaunted the wine racks.

The store stocked a selection of local and imported artisan produce, house cured charcuterie and take-home meals.

We shall have a meal at Bécasse or Quarter Twenty One on our next trip home!


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