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Fran’s Chocolates – University District, Seattle

Posted on: Friday 04 November 2011

There is a proliferation of chocolate cafés in Sydney. Guylian, Lindt and Max Brenner all have multiple locations across the city. They sell chocolates and accessories, and have seating for desserts and beverages. I frequented all three brands as they were within walking distance from work! Chocolate milkshakes after a charity run, sharing slices of gateau and opera post theatre, or a mid afternoon sugar hit, the chocolate cafés are cosy, welcoming places.

After lunch at Shun and window shopping at University Village, we wandered into the newly renovated Fran’s Chocolates.

Chocolate is the colour scheme. Pale walls and dual street frontage brightens the store. A beautiful bouquet of flowers was a centrepiece at the entrance.

Displays are minimalistic and geometric.

Caramels and truffles are boxed and wrapped in a pretty bronze ribbon bow.

Persplex cases reveal the contents of gift boxes.

A selection of chocolate bars of varying cacao percentages with descriptions such as ‘intense and bold’ and ‘dark and crunchy’.

Four by four trays of truffles are neatly lined on the counter. 

A strong bittersweet mocha was served in a ceramic mug.

On the saucer was a complimentary square of 64% chocolate.

Myra and Shirley sipped on a thick and creamy iced chocolate.

Grey salt caramel samples were chewy and the salt crystals heightens the sweetness.

We returned home on a chocolate high!


3 Responses to "Fran’s Chocolates – University District, Seattle"

Your descriptions always make me want to visit! I love the details you photograph and the way you describe your experience makes me feel like I’m right there with you. This site is a treasure for anyone visiting Seattle. Thank you!

Thank you for your kind words Adrian! I hope to see you soon in Seattle.

[…] generous friends have driven me there for meals at Shun (sadly closed), and iced chocolates at Fran’s. We deviated from routine a couple of weeks ago for lunch at […]

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