Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Bluebird Microcreamery – Capitol Hill, Seattle

Posted on: Thursday 29 September 2011

It was a short stroll to Bluebird Microcreamery after a fusion lunch at Marination Station. A couple of outdoor chairs were positioned next to the chalkboard on the sidewalk.

A screen printed wooden sign was a cheerful welcome. Bluebird Microcreamery was created as a space for the community to gather. The ice cream is made with ingredients from Washington and Oregon, the beers are from local breweries and the coffee is from Seattle roaster Caffé Vita.

An eclectic collection of reclaimed and handmade furniture decorates the sunken loft. A pane of glass across the keyboard of a piano is the table top for condiments and cutlery. Recycled glass bottles and jars are tied together with wire and dangle as light diffusers.

Draught microbrews are available in pint, ice cream float or pitcher sizes. Some of the ice cream flavours included snickerdoodle, Elysian stout and horchata.

Tacked on the side of the register, Scrabble letters spell out Bluebird. Thirteen points!

We agreed to share a Remlinger Farms marionberry waffle cone. Misshaped and limp, the waffle cone was structurally weak. Usually a slow eater, I had to hasten so the ice cream didn’t collapse onto my lap! The marionberry ice cream had a lovely lavender hue and it was slightly tart and very creamy.

We rested on the worn but comfortable sofa as Mr S sipped his DRY Soda. A graphic dinosaur looms as a feature wall.

A walrus rides a bicycle in another painting.

There are shelves of books and National Geographic magazines, and a stack of board games. I challenged Mr S to several rounds of Boggle. We had to read the rules!

A signature CakeSpy mural brightens the lavatory with a whimsical neighbourhood scene.

Beers on tap, board games and ice cream, you can easily while away the hours at Bluebird!


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