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Seattle Foodies First Friday Lunch Club at RN74 – Downtown, Seattle

Posted on: Monday 12 September 2011

Shirley forwarded Darryl‘s invitation to me just in time for this month’s Seattle Foodies First Friday Lunch Club at RN74. I had intended to return to RN74 for a meal after sampling their happy hour a couple of months ago.

With fifty five attendees, it was the largest gathering of the First Friday Lunch Club. We occupied the whole dining room and with lunch scheduled for when RN74 opened, I took the opportunity to take some photos of the empty restaurant in daylight.

The leather chairs, wood panelling, window shutters and cosy booths evoke the Mad Men era, minus the indoor smoking!

I remember the sound of airport arrival and departure display boards before they were converted to screens. The train board in the dining room advertise the last bottles in the cellar.

The casual seating is at the front of the restaurant and the dining room is separated by the bar, secluded from the foot traffic of patrons.

First Friday Lunch Club is usually family style but RN74 served alternate dishes, like at a wedding! I sat at a table of six with Carol and others, and we portioned out each course so we could taste the menu.

Traditional appetisers of soup and salad were refreshing. Summer tomato gazpacho with country crouton and basil oil, the soup had an intense tomato flavour.

A salad of butter lettuce and fine herbs had country croutons and Easter egg radish, and drizzled with creamy mustard vinaigrette. Despite an aversion to salads, I do eat them and feel healthier for it. Hand torn pieces of bread lightly fried, the country croutons was the highlight.

Roasted Mad Hatcher chicken was paired with truffled mac and cheese, Thumbelina carrots and onion jus. The chicken leg was tender, and the mac and cheese was studded with broccoli florets and shredded chicken. I preferred this main to the next one.

The only pork I eat is in Chinese cuisine and I don’t cook it at home. Two medallions of grilled pork loin were artfully positioned on sautéed spinach, beluga lentils and grated apples. Cooked to well done, the pork was unfortunately a little dry and liberally salted.

Light and fluffy, the hand cut beignets were dipped into a bowl of salted caramel Macallan butterscotch. I was expecting a viscous sauce but the texture was similar to crème caramel, perfumed with Scotch.

A whimsical stack of colourful ingredients, the signature deconstructed parfait had scoops of frozen yoghurt, peaches, blackberries and crushed pistachios.

My favourite dessert was the opera torte. A thin slice of layered sponge cake was presented with a quenelle of almond milk ice cream and dollops of espresso curd. It was the perfect combination of chocolate, coffee, cake and ice cream!

Interesting conversation and good food, sincere thanks to Darryl for connecting the Seattle Foodies community.


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