Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Marché du Sud – Upper East Side, New York

Posted on: Friday 09 September 2011

There was an ominous feeling on the Saturday of Hurricane Irene. Blanket television coverage droning on about this, that and the other, the solemnity Mayor Bloomberg’s news conferences, declarations of state of emergency, mandatory evacuation orders, and the shutdown of the Subway and all New York airports all amplified the forboding.

Although I joined the grocery store queues and stocked up on bottled water, some muesli bars and a large bag of almonds, I felt safe in Midtown Manhattan.

The apocalyptic photos of an empty Grand Central Terminal and deserted Times Square were transmitted across the world. The streets were eerily devoid of people and silent of honking as the city stoically awaits the ferocious hurricane.

Most stores were closed and only a few eateries were open. Ms H did a search and found Marché du Sud on the Upper East Side.

We walked there from opposite directions in the torrential rain, thankful that the hurricane winds were still several hours away. The entrance to Marché du Sud is divided into the dining area and patio on the left, and the bakery and gourmet market on the right.

Cold and dripping wet, I was relieved to be indoors. A long and narrow room with the bar at the front and an open kitchen at the back, the space was homely and comfortable.

The laminated menu had a tabloid magazine as its cover. There were set menus available but curiously these were cash only.

We selected two items to share. The specialty is Alsatian tarte flambée or French pizza. Thin and crispy, the l’authentique had crème fraîche, lardon, caramelised onions and Gruyère. Plain in appearance, it was a delicious combination of flavours.

We should have ordered a second French pizza! The Belgian waffles were unfortunately a little dry but easily remedied with extra cream.

Hunger sated, we strolled a couple of blocks in search of gumboots for Ms H. You’ll smile at this cute photo!


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