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Fuji Bakery – Chinatown-International District, Seattle

Posted on: Monday 05 September 2011

I’m not a baker but I love desserts. A spoonful of sugar completes a meal.

In Sydney my favourite pâtisserie for dessert to take to dinner parties is Adriano Zumbo. He had my loyalty before his MasterChef Australia appearances! Macarons of every flavour and then some, seasonal and whimsical dessert concoctions, creative twists on classics, it’s Adriano and the Chocolate Factory.

Fuji Bakery reminds me of Adriano Zumbo in that I would like to order one of each! One each of the croissants, one each of the brioches, one each of the Danishes, one each of the cakes.

Painted a neutral colour and its name discreetly engraved on the window, Fuji Bakery is located at a busy intersection. There is an espresso machine serving Caffé D’arte coffee, and a couple of tables in the corner.

A curved pane of glass shields the two tiered display from prying fingers. There are some savoury items but the highlight is definitely the sweet baked goods.

After much deliberation, I selected four treats. Clockwise from top: fondant chocolat, custard cream, brioche Suisse and poire.

In a crimped foil wrapper, the mini cupcake sized fondant chocolat is made with bittersweet chocolate. The dense cake is baked until just set while the middle remains delightfully batter like.

Poire, the French word for pear, is a Danish topped with organic custard cream and pears cooked in Tahitian vanilla. The flaky pastry shell is a textural contrast to the soft, translucent and glossy pear slices.

Deceptively plain in appearance, the brioche is light and buttery, filled with an organic vanilla bean custard cream, and dusted with icing sugar.

Long and flat, the Grand Marnier flavoured chocolate custard oozes out of the brioche Suisse. The brioche dough is studded with orange peel and bittersweet chocolate, a rich and decadent combination best shared.

I shall cross the lake soon to visit the flagship store in Bellevue which has a comprehensive selection!


3 Responses to "Fuji Bakery – Chinatown-International District, Seattle"

OK, I’m convinced I need to get there this week! The pictures have me drooling..

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