Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Bleu Bistro – Capitol Hill, Seattle

Posted on: Friday 02 September 2011

Despite being on a thoroughfare, we still missed Bleu Bistro. We were searching for directions until we realised we were standing across the street from it. A couple of bar tables are fenced off on the narrow sidewalk and the entrance is draped in plastic vines.

I was a little hesitant walking in. The place is dimly lit and compact. Cosy tables are divided by velvet curtains creating an intimate atmosphere, and eclectic collectibles, lamps and chandeliers decorated the space throughout. We picked a corner by the door and shuffled into the booth seats.

The waiter informed us a full food menu is available forty-four steps away at Bleu Bistro Grotto but we were happy with the snacks. We perused the extensive drinks menu with detailed descriptions of the components and how they’re mixed.

Mr S ordered a mojito which is served in a beer stein and my lemon drop was poured into a dainty sugar rimmed cocktail glass.

As the evening faded into night, the table lamp and three oil candles were the only source of light. With the curtains drawn, we felt like we were the only patrons in Bleu Bistro!

We shared a gargantuan plate of nachos, and pita bread and hummus. The nachos were overflowing with tortilla chips. Molten and stretchy, the cheese had cascaded over the beans and salsa with a large dollop of hummus and sour cream balanced precariously on top. I haven’t eaten nachos in a while and it was tasty and messy to untangle.

Lightly griddled, the pita bread was delightfully fluffy. It was served with two large scoops of hummus and a side salad. The hummus was thick and nutty, the puréed chickpeas (garbanzo beans) dip was lightly seasoned.

The four of us were full from the two snacks and forty-four steps was too far this time!


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