Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

re:public – South Lake Union, Seattle

Posted on: Wednesday 31 August 2011

After a lovely brunch experience a few weeks ago, we returned to re:public for dinner. The restaurant was lively with a convivial after work crowd enjoying the happy hour. We were seated at a booth and the relaxed atmosphere was conducive to good conversation.

Mr and Mrs W shared a heart of romaine salad for an appetiser while Mr S had the house smoked Chinook salmon with spicy yoghurt and wild watercress.

I selected the grilled asparagus with hot coppa, soft boiled duck egg and parmesan. This was another version of my Eat Pray Love moment at Le Pichet. A handful of quality ingredients assembled on a plate is pure enjoyment.

We rarely cook duck at home so one of us usually orders it if it’s on a restaurant menu! A confit duck leg and slices of seared duck breast was served with a corn purée and roasted root vegetables. The cooking method preserves the tenderness and moisture of the game, and the fattiness was tempered by the sweet and crunchy carrots and parsnips.

A hearty dish, house made pappardelle was tossed with lamb ragù, lightly dusted with Pecorino and presented with a sprig of mint. The wide strands of pasta were coated in the meaty sauce, a rich and scrumptious combination.

Mrs W chose the fish for her main. Two fillets of pan roasted Alaskan halibut rested in a creamy bisque of seasonable vegetables. The halibut was fresh and firm, and we had fun sampling and guessing one unknown vegetable. I think it was daikon.

Mr W didn’t need a serrated knife for the crispy pork shank with braised onions and peas. Golden and crispy, the meat yielded to gentle carving.

There was still daylight as we exited, a reminder to make the most of the long summer days.


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