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Lumpia World – food truck, Seattle

Posted on: Tuesday 30 August 2011

If I have to draw how my brain functions, it would be a mind map with intersecting and criss-crossing lines in all directions. I make idiosyncratic associations and perplexing connections. The challenge for Mr S is that I think it but I don’t verbalise it. I ask questions or make comments that are seemingly out of context but are perfectly sensible and logical to me.

And thus, I giggle when I see the Lumpia World food truck. Because of Oompa-Loompas. Just is.

A regular rotation of food trucks now services the Amazon and biotech companies in South Lake Union. Conveniently parked on Harrison Street near Fairview Avenue, the food trucks are thriving on workers in need of a quick lunch. Sometimes a dessert food truck (I’ve spotted Parfait and Molly Moon) is also there for a weekday sweet treat!

A small whiteboard lists the lumpia and soba items. I was there for a late lunch and thankfully there was no queue. I ordered at the front window and picked up my meal from the side window. There was a sun shade with a couple of trestle tables and half a dozen foldout chairs underneath. A taupe tablecloth and yellow plastic flowers brighten the surroundings.

Served on a paper tray, the lumpia combo has your choice of four lumpias with rice and dipping sauce. I had one each of ginger pork, lemongrass chicken, ground beef and vegetables. The plain rice had a liberal sprinkling of furikake, a Japanese seasoning. The crunchy logs were a little dry on the inside, with only hints of ginger and lemongrass. The peanut hoisin sauce added depth of flavour.

Alas, no Oompa-Loompas were making lumpias in the Lumpia World food truck!


3 Responses to "Lumpia World – food truck, Seattle"

Ooo, nice. I had wanted to catch Lumpia World the last time I was in town but wasn’t able to get free any time they were around. Seattle = so many good things to eat.

Add it to your list for your next trip to the Emerald City!

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