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Thai Curry Simple – Chinatown-International District, Seattle

Posted on: Monday 29 August 2011

I walked to Chinatown-International District on Chinese New Year this year. My first visit to the neighbourhood, I was expecting a festive atmosphere, maybe hear the rhythmic echoes of drums, cymbals and gongs of a lion dance performance. Or at least red and gold banners wishing me happiness and prosperity.

There was none of that. It was eerily quiet and I counted two other people on the main street. The leaden sky blurred into the drab buildings, the entire area washed in shades of grey. Dilapidated and grimy, I left disappointed and a little homesick for the vibrant Sydney Chinatown.

I have since returned several times, mostly to frequent Uwajimaya. There are also a handful of non-Chinese eateries that justify the hyphenated neighbourhood, Chinatown-International District.

Expectations are clear in the succinctly named Thai Curry Simple! Located opposite a public transport hub, Thai Curry Simple is busy but efficient during a weekday lunch service. Many nearby workers order take-away, others seat themselves in the small dining room.

There is an extensive list of hot and cold drinks available, a good selection of classic curries on the menu, and daily specials, all colourfully chalked onto blackboards and prominently displayed.

The meals are a bargain, priced at five and six dollars. A rotation of tofu curries will satisfy vegetarians. I’m intrigued by the Thai roti desserts, each combination illustrated with a photo of delectable sweetness.

I was contemplating a curry until I spotted the pad see ew as one of the daily specials. I love flat rice noodles and I paired it with tofu as an alternative protein to chicken.

Some of the tables were laminated with Thai scripts with writing instructions and drawings.

No star or chilli symbols are used to indicate the spiciness of the curries, each table has a jar of fiery chilli sauce for individuals to increase the heat level of the dishes. My tolerance is improving but I did not open the lid on this warm day!

My pad see ew was speedily served. It was a perfect lunch portion, fresh from the wok. Silky ribbons of rice noodles were entwined with Chinese broccoli, fragments of fried eggs and cubes of tofu. Stir fried in a sticky soy sauce, the pad see ew was homely and delicious.

With the lunch crowd dispersed, the owner said hello to me as he went to speak with one of his regular customers. He suggested I stay a while as it’s cool inside.

I read the details of each of the roti, and was surprised to find two savoury options. My tastebuds would get really confused eating cheese and scrambled eggs drizzled with condensed milk. It would be like a Thai breakfast burrito!

I retreated to the safety of roti with condensed milk and sugar. A thin veneer of condensed milk is spread on the roti, sprinkled with sugar, rolled and pan fried. The flaky log is served sliced into bite size morsels. Simple and scrumptious, I was tempted to eat a second one of these.

I will return with Mr S and friends to sample their ‘real Thai food’ Saturday lunches!


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