Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Treehouse Café – Lynwood, Bainbridge Island

Posted on: Tuesday 23 August 2011

Like Seattle, Sydney is a city by the water. Neighbourhoods thrive by the ocean, along the river. Sydneysiders are mesmorised by the harbour, we all share a deep love for its beauty.

The magnificence of Sydney Harbour is showcased every New Year’s Eve with a spectacular fireworks and pyrotechnics display. In the euphoria of the celebration, it really is the best city in the world. The need to live near water is imprinted in my DNA.

On a warm day, we boarded a ferry to Bainbridge Island. It was a windy half hour with a panoramic view of Puget Sound. We hired bicycles to ride around the island. A gentle breeze and beautiful scenery tempered some steep inclines.

After helpful directions from a friendly local, we parked our bicycles and settled into the last outdoor table at Treehouse Café. We each gulped a glass of water to cool down.

A Tudor style building, the interior is spacious and welcoming.

The extensive menu is available all day and there is a selection of Macrina baked goods displayed on the counter.

Several connecting rooms operate as a dining room, bar with a pool table, private function room and live music venue. Artworks by local artists are featured throughout the café.

Mr S ordered a lox sandwich. The seeded bagel was teetering on the retro diner basket, overstuffed with cold smoked salmon, capers, red onions, tomato and a thick spread of cream cheese.

All sandwiches are served with a wedge of rockmelon (cantaloupe) and a pickle of equal size.

I shared a Greek salad, and a chicken and Brie sandwich with Ms S. The kitchen kindly split the Greek salad in half for us.

A large plate of cos (romaine) lettuce, chopped Kalamata olives and red onions, chunks of tomatoes and cucumber, and crumbled feta was drizzled with a zesty lemon oregano dressing.

I chewed and crunched and chomped but my half could have been divided again. It was a family size salad!

In contrast, the chicken and Brie sandwich was a better portion. The toothpick skewered slices of chicken breast, avocado and Brie with a dollop of roasted red pepper mayonnaise on ciabatta bread.

I generally find chicken breast to be a dry cut of meat, and pairing it with avocado and a creamy sauce balanced the flavour and texture of the protein.

Hydrated and nourished, we mounted our bicycles and peddled on.


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