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Tutta Bella – South Lake Union, Seattle

Posted on: Tuesday 16 August 2011

There is a pattern to my notorious indecisiveness. At least once a week, we exchange a conversation like this.

Mr S: ‘Where would you like to go for dinner?’
Me: ‘I don’t know, let me think about it.’
Mr S: ‘Have you picked a restaurant?’
Me: ‘Here’s a shortlist, you decide.’

Exasperated, Mr S would say ‘let’s go here’. And then I would change my mind!

Thankfully we agreed on an idyllic summer day to dine al fresco. We spotted the Tutta Bella patio above Whole Foods Westlake and were luckily seated at the last table available.

Inside is an open kitchen where you can sit at the counter and watch your pizzas cook in the wood fire oven.

There was some shade from the wide umbrellas with a panoramic vista towards Queen Anne and a clear view of the Space Needle.

Tutta Bella is certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana to serve authentic Neapolitan pizza. We sipped on Boroli Quattro Fratelli as we perused the extensive menu.

We shared an antipasto and a pizza. The bruschetta had ruby orbs of Roma tomatoes resting on thick slices of crusty bread. Macerated in garlic, basil and sea salt, the tomatoes were juicy and flavoursome.

We’ve never sprinkled chilli flakes or grated cheese on pizza until we moved to Seattle. Condiment shakers are common here and the addition of chilli flakes gradually increases my spice tolerance.

Blistered and charred, the prosciutto e porcini pizza had a thin crust and a scattering of ingredients. Prosciutto cotto and porcini mushrooms were a meaty combination, and the mozzarella melted and bubbled into the crevices of the dough.

Our order was lost for a while and the waiter apologised for the minor delay with free dolce. Yes please!

Presented in a deep square bowl for two, the tiramisu was a sweet conclusion to the meal. Layers of espresso and liqueur soaked savoiardi and creamy mascarpone were slowly savoured as we watched the sunset.

The sun dropped behind the Space Needle, creating a shadowy dusk as day descended into night.


2 Responses to "Tutta Bella – South Lake Union, Seattle"

I am a huge fan of Tutta Bella! It is one of my favorite Neapolitan pizzerias in Seattle – though I most often frequent the Wallingford location. That bruschetta looks amazing and I don’t think I’ve ever tried it. Will definitely have to remember that for my next visit.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pizza, and we loved the patio! If only they deliver…

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