Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Boat Street Café – Downtown, Seattle

Posted on: Monday 15 August 2011

Ms S drives a distinctive car and I spotted her in it while crossing a busy intersection a few weeks ago. There was about ten seconds before the lights changed and we said a quick hello. She recently moved into our neighbourhood and we scheduled a weekend brunch at Boat Street Café.

Located at an awkward spot, a prominent sign is painted at street level on a flowering garden bed. In a building alcove and hidden from view, the restaurant is an urban retreat.

There are two connected dining rooms and the adjacent Boat Street Kitchen offer private party cooking classes and event catering. On one wall is a blackboard with a chalk drawing of a dog, an adorable Labrador.

The interior is light, airy and whimsically decorated with pastel garland, paper parasols and oriental lanterns.

It was a lovely morning and we opted to dine al fresco. An eclectic collection of tables and chairs are in the courtyard, some with red polka dot tablecloths. We sat at a rustic whitewashed wooden picnic table.

The brunch menu is split into a column for breakfast and another for lunch. There was a selection of eggs Benedict and scrambled eggs. Mr S picked scrambled eggs with smoked trout and side salad. Fluffy and just set, the scrambled eggs embraced flaky chunks of smoked trout.

I knew what I was going to order as soon as we agreed on where to eat. I will always have an appetite for cornmeal custard cake served with sausage and maple syrup. A bold statement, the menu declares it ‘better than pancakes’. I agree!

Oven baked until golden and crusted, the wedge was thick and creamy on the inside. The plump sausage balanced the sweet stickiness of the maple syrup, and the fresh bananas freshened up the meal.

Our cups were refilled with tea and coffee as we chatted, the simple pleasure of sharing food and conversation.


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