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Etta’s – Pike Place Market, Seattle

Posted on: Wednesday 10 August 2011

The last of the Aussie visitors has been in the Four Corners region for a couple of months. Ms W was enjoying a weekend in a city, and we had lunch with her in the heart of Seattle. Pike Place Market was crowded on Seafair weekend but we were seated quickly at Etta’s.

With a long street frontage, Etta’s has two dining rooms separated by the entrance foyer. Both have an abundance of natural light and have booths for cosy conversations.

Dozens of colourful glass lamp shades hang from the ceiling and vibrant paintings decorate the walls. The corner bar was full and the TV tuned to a sports channel.

We were all curious about the Bloody Freeman brunch cocktail and Ms W bravely ordered one. Our eyes widened and there was a collective exclamation when the waiter delivered it.

A roasted pork rib balanced precariously on a toothpick of olive and asparagus. The short glass of house Bloody Mary was thickly rimmed with salt and served with a ‘beer caddy’.

Ms W declared the meaty rib delicious. The Bloody Mary was strong and the beer chaser was a palate cleanser for her meal.

The burger fiend that he is, Mr S chose the Oregon beef burger with smoky Jack cheese, bacon and fries. We’re yet to get accustomed to being asked how we would like our patties cooked. ‘Well done’ is my automatic response for it’s not steak!

Mr S rated this burger ‘good’. The bun was a little large for the patty but the strips of bacon were crispy and the shoestring fries crunchy.

I was mulling over the Hangtown fry, bacon scramble with fried oysters and spicy sour cream. Mr S dislikes cooked oysters and advised against it so I opted for the fish fry. Encased in golden crumbs, the pieces of Alaskan cod were flaky and moist which I dipped repeatedly in the tangy tartare sauce.

We heard a deep rumble as we were leaving and looked out to see the Blue Angels roar across the sky in formation.

Ms W farewelled us with a party invitation and we weaved through the masses to fill our bag with summer fruits.


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