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Uneeda Burger – Fremont, Seattle

Posted on: Thursday 28 July 2011

On a glorious weekend, we walked to Fremont in search of lunch. With the temperature above 80°F for the first time this summer, we loved wearing sunglasses and being out and about with sunshine warming our skin. A clear sky and cool breeze accompanied us as we strolled along leafy Fremont Avenue.

‘Are we there yet?’ There seemed to be no end to the gentle slope and I was worried we’d be eating at Woodland Park Zoo! We looked left and right for Paseo as Andie had recommended their Caribbean sandwiches. When we finally spotted the shambolic shack, we were dismayed to see a long queue.

We were hungry and parched so we hedged our bet and continued onto Uneeda Burger.

I had a light bulb moment as we approached Uneeda Burger. I leaned over to Mr S and whispered, ‘I get it, you-need-a-burger’! I can be slow sometimes.

Previously an auto repair business, garage doors separated the large covered patio from indoor seating.

The focal point inside was the counter and kitchen. Etched on a large chalkboard was an extensive menu numbered one to fourteen for ease of ordering. Bottles of wine and beer were displayed on a shelf, and shakes and sodas were also available. A wall cut-out framed a frantic kitchen where a handful of chefs flipped patties and assembled burgers.

Above the table for self-serve cutlery, condiments and water jugs was a chalked outline of a cow with sections labelled either ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

Uneeda uses Painted Hills beef patties on their burgers and Mr S noticed you can substitute Gleason Ranch for an additional cost.

Mr S picked burger number four, the BBQ Smash. Balanced precariously on the crusty bun was a beef patty, charred onions, bacon and cheddar with barbecue sauce. The sweetness of the caramelised onions contrasted with the salty bacon and smoky sauce – it was a ‘smashing’ burger indeed!

We shared a side of hand cut fries. The golden batons were a little limp but were a generous serving.

My chosen burger was number three, the Philly Smash. I added a fried egg to the beef patty, charred peppers and onions, and Gruyère with special sauce. Unfortunately my tastebuds couldn’t identify the special sauce.

I cut the burger in half and the molten cheese oozed over the juicy patty. Slightly spicy, the grilled peppers were extra seasoning for the tasty burger.

We washed down the burgers with a creamy chocolate Empire Ice Cream hand dipped shake and a refreshing lemongrass DRY Soda.

You need a burger? Get thee to Uneeda Burger!


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