Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Bookstore Bar – Downtown, Seattle

Posted on: Tuesday 26 July 2011

I love the convenience of AmazonFresh. We don’t have to borrow a car to do grocery shopping like we did in Sydney, or multiple stair climbs lugging bags from the garage. And they deliver beer and wine to your home! Our wines and spirits are either stored at my parents’ house or we gifted them to friends as we couldn’t pack them in the container to ship here.

You cannot purchase alcohol at supermarkets or convenience stores in Australia but we were mystified by the absence of liquor from AmazonFresh and the aisles of supermarkets. We did not know that that the state government has a monopoly over the wholesale and retail distribution of liquor in Washington!

Mr S was sad to part with a bottle of Scotch whisky that we bought from the distillery in Wick. Surprisingly we have spotted the distinctive Old Pulteney bottle at 9 Million in Unmarked Bills, The Whisky Bar and this week, at the Bookstore Bar.

With street frontage, the Bookstore Bar is affiliated with the Library Bistro which is inside the Alexis Hotel. A long and narrow room, there were shelves laden with books and interspersed with dozens of bottles of whisky. Auburn lamps lined the bar with more bottles of whisky cluttering the counter.

There were chalkboards advertising whisky flights and beers on tap. A small espresso machine was wedged next to a wine rack.

It was an eclectic collection of bottles and books, the place lively with football fans en route to the Sounders match against Manchester United. We quickly sat down at the last empty table for happy hour.

A condensed version of their main menu, there are about ten items available priced from three to seven dollars. We ordered three dishes to share – three cheese mac, Dungeness crab cakes and pulled pork sliders.

My first memory of pasta was macaroni, albeit a fusion interpretation. Cooked in a broth with diced ham, peas and corn, it is a popular side with a western breakfast at fast food restaurants in Hong Kong. I still eat it when I visit for nostalgia but I prefer macaroni with cheese!

Sometimes mac and cheese can be overwhelmingly creamy but this one had just enough cheese stirred through and not too salty. I would have liked more of the herbed bread crumbs for extra crunch to each mouthful!

Two small patties, the Dungeness crab cakes rested on mashed avocado and were doused with red pepper aioli. The deep brown crust protected the shredded crab. The richness of the avocado and aioli paired well with the sweet crab.

Mr S repeatedly said the pulled pork slider was spicy. I took a bite and it confirmed my suspicion that it was a ploy to distract. It was tender and juicy, smoky and caramelised. The bun soaked up every drip of the house made barbecue sauce. And that is why Mr S coveted my portion of the pulled pork slider!

An entertaining match, our seats were near a group of South Korean supporters who cheered loudly every time Park Ji-Sung touched the ball. Here’s the video of the coin toss at the top of the Space Needle and a fun video of the Sounders playing Kinect.


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