Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Shangri-La fishing – Yanuca Island, Fiji

Posted on: Friday 22 July 2011

On our last day in Fiji, the gentlemen went fishing. The ladies stayed ashore and breakfasted, had massages, kayaked, swam and packed.

They met at the jetty before dawn and motored out to sea. The waters were a little rough but the trawling yielded eleven fish! The first tug on the line was a marlin but unfortunately it broke free. They reeled in two barracuda, two tuna and seven mahi mahi.

There was much excitement when the boat docked. The haul was gutted and rinsed on the jetty before two mahi mahi and one tuna were taken to the restaurant for our lunch. The remaining fish were given to the locals as we weren’t going to eat a whole fish each!

A cooking fee was charged per person at the Shangri-La Beach Bar and Grill for our ocean to table meal. The two mahi mahi were simply grilled and served with lime wedges and stalks of watercress, and accompanied by the mysterious pesto like sauce. The chef did well to cook the fish through and the flesh flaked off the bones easily.

With a squeeze of lime, the chunks of mahi mahi were sweet and had a firm meaty texture. I would have preferred coriander instead of watercress, and some freshly ground black pepper would have be a welcomed addition.

The tuna was filleted and served as sashimi. It had a deep burgundy colour, darker than other tuna sashimi I’ve had at Japanese restaurants. It was also moist, possibly due to how it was sliced and prepared. I was reluctant to eat this as it was piled on a plate without the exquisite presentation expected of Japanese cuisine. Mr S urged that I try a piece and it was succulent and really fresh!

Two mahi mahi and one tuna were plenty for seventeen people, one toddler and one baby! The gentlemen were proud of their effort and the ladies were happily full.

We noticed a board listing the fish notification flags at the Bilo Bar. These were hoisted on the returned boat to indicate what fish was caught.

Our last sunset in Fiji was a kaleidoscope of colours reflecting off the cotton candy sky and crystal clear waters. Vinaka Fiji!


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