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Tavolàta – Belltown, Seattle

Posted on: Wednesday 20 July 2011

We have laughed at many jokes about the Seattle summer but we really like the mild weather. We lament the precipitation but the absence of heat and humidity is appreciated. On a rain soaked Sunday, we were in need of a hearty meal.

I was very hungry so we were extremely early for dinner at Tavolàta. The restaurant was empty but for one table and a handful of people at the bar.

A warehouse style loft with a high ceiling and exposed cement walls, the namesake communal table featured in the middle of the long and narrow dining room. There was booth seating on one side, a mezzanine level at the back and an open plan kitchen.

I love the modern geometric ‘chandelier’ that was suspended above the communal table. There were lit candles on every table and natural light streamed in through the skylights.

We selected two antipasti to share – bruschetta with smoked blue fish and aioli, and grilled flatbread with mozzarella, arugula, roasted garlic and caramelised onion. Sprinked with chives and drizzled with aioli, the generous dollop of minced fish was atop crusty slices of baguette.

The grilled flatbread is my new favourite pizza! Served on a wooden paddle, each piece was a delectable combination of molten stretchy mozzarella, sweet translucent onion, mild roasted garlic and peppery arugula. I ate these slowly, savouring each flavoursome bite and reluctantly parted with Mr S’s portion.

Mr S has a habit of changing his mind when the wait staff takes his order. He nearly did it again at Tavolàta but he was happy with the rigatoni with spicy Italian sausage, marjoram and tomato. It was a homely dish, evoking images of an Italian nonna cooking a large batch of this for a Sunday family lunch.

I opted for cavatelli with guanciale, carbonara and chives for my main. Curls of pasta nestled against cubes of cured porcine cheeks, each forkful a textural contrast between the al dente cavatelli, and the delicate flesh and intense flavour of the guanciale.

The zeppole were similar to Greek loukoumades in appearance. Puffed and golden, the doughnut holes were dusted with icing sugar and infused with lemon. We had to stare lustily at these until they were cool enough to touch and we gleefully double dipped the ethereal balls of fried dough in the caramel sauce.

Thank you Ethan Stowell for a deliciously rustic meal to brighten up a dull day!


6 Responses to "Tavolàta – Belltown, Seattle"

That flatbread is making my mouth water!! If only it could be mailed well…

If I can order ice cream from Ohio…

We’ll add it to the list for December. 😉

how did i miss this when i was in columbus!! I think we’ll have quite an extensive list of eating places in December =)

Yes indeed – hope you’re taking notes! 😉

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