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Built Burger – Pioneer Square, Seattle

Posted on: Monday 11 July 2011

Weekday lunch with Mr S is a rarity so we make an effort when our schedules align. Already late for the Mariners game, we walked briskly to Built Burger hoping for a quick meal. We nearly missed it as there is no sign on its frontage, identifiable only by a sidewalk board.

Painted blue and white, the interior is plain and narrow with two rows of tables and chairs. The focal point of the space is the ordering counter framed by a vintage banner of a boy yelling ‘we want beef’ into a megaphone.

On one side of the wall is a Built Burger poster advertising their online store.

On the other wall is the Built Burger guarantee, the standard menu and the specials chalkboard. The burgers are creatively named and there are tasting plates of sliders and sides available.

I shuffled back and forth as we queued. The group before us were taking their time ordering, with questions about every item. Murphy’s Law!

The dining room was sparsely occupied. As we watched the kitchen we reminisced about our first baseball game, a New York local derby. We caught the Subway there and back, snacked on hot dogs and it reminded us of cricket.

As we were in a hurry, it felt like a relatively long wait for our burgers. Mr S chose the Magnificent Chorizo which was a patty of Mexican chorizo, beef and roasted poblano peppers served with Cotija and cilantro lime slaw. It was a small and juicy burger but I couldn’t detect a distinct chorizo flavour in the bite I had.

We shared a side of hand cut fries with horseradish mustard which were a little oily and limp, although the condiment was deliciously pungent.

I selected the 21 Gleason special burger with a thick grass fed beef patty, roasted garlic aioli and arugula wedged between toasted brioche. This was a simple burger that highlighted the quality of the meat. The buttery brioche, peppery arugula and mild aioli combined well with the tasty chunks of beef.

We left satisfied and ready for our second baseball game but we were not as enthused as the cartoon man!


2 Responses to "Built Burger – Pioneer Square, Seattle"

I’m eager to try Built Burger. Do you have a favorite burger in Seattle? I love nothing more than a perfectly juicy beef patty on a buttered roll a la 5 Spot in upper Queen Anne 🙂

Great to get such a thorough review!

Thanks Andie! Brave Horse Tavern and Spur are my favourites. I’ll have to try the one at 5 Spot!

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