Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Le Pichet – Pike Place Market, Seattle

Posted on: Friday 08 July 2011

After sampling an ice cream float of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creamscherry Lambic sorbet and vanilla bean DRY Soda, we crossed the street to Le Pichet for lunch. An overcast and humid day, we dined al fresco, Parisian sidewalk style.

Le Pichet is a charming place with the menu in French first, then English. There is gold cursive French phrases etched in the glass pane and the window is adorned with a vase of beautiful pink blooms.

The lunch menu is divided into sections of snacks, salads, charcuterie, mains and cheeses. It was a quick French lesson for me! Ms K ordered the baguette and Ms M the lentils and beets salad. The second Ms K opted for two eggs broiled with ham and Gruyère, a brightly presented dish with the aromas wafting across the table.

I was keen on tasting more of the local spring asparagus and selected the dish with Gouda, poached egg and lemon vinaigrette. If only I could pronounce ‘asperges de notre région au vieux Gouda et son oeuf poché’!

The salad reminded me of the book Eat Pray Love. In Italy, the author buys a bunch of asparagus from the local market and cooks a simple lunch in her apartment. An emotional Elizabeth Gilbert wrote, ‘for the longest time I couldn’t even touch this food because it was such a masterpiece of lunch’. I did pause to admire the beauty of the assembled ingredients but did not hesitate to break the yolk!

I mopped up the leftover dressing with a side of pommes frites. These were delicious French fries – just the right thickness and the perfect homage to the humble potato.

Dessert as a first course, lovely company, delicious food – it’s the definition of joie de vivre!


5 Responses to "Le Pichet – Pike Place Market, Seattle"

My niece and I were there this week and walked by- I am looking forward to trying it the next time I am in town!

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