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Poquitos – Capitol Hill, Seattle

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011

We stood at the intersection of Pike and Broadway, perplexed. ‘It’s a large sign on the website photo,’ I said helpfully. We were searching for Marination Station and after a couple of laps, we stopped to check the website again for directions and realised the restaurant was above the QFC and had no street frontage. Just as we were about to turn around, I noticed Poquitos. ‘Fish tacos?’ I asked Mr S. He nodded knowingly.

On the street corner the Poquitos sign is a jolly man in a colourful hat and striped jacket, and sky blue pants strumming a guitar. The interior is decorated in rich, vibrant tones. Lanterns hang from the ceiling and hand painted tiles line the walls.

There are booths and tables in the main dining room, a bar area and a lunch counter for take-away service. We had a view into the kitchen from our table where tortillas were being hand rolled and pressed.

We sipped on margarita and a sangria style punch while waiting for our guacamole and corn chips. Made to order but not at the table, the guacamole was fresh and zingy, with just enough heat from the jalapeño.

We added salsas to our order to go with the remainder of the huge bowl of corn chips. Roasted tomatillo made two ways – the spicy green was serrano pepper with cilantro and lime, and the mild red was chipotle, garlic and onion. I preferred the chunkier red salsa, the corn chips were a sturdy vessel and there was no dripping!

The fish of the day was rockfish and Mr S opted for battered over grilled for the fish tacos. A serving of three, the plate was overflowing with shredded lettuce and cabbage, and covered with stalks of cilantro. Crispy batter and succulent fish, the tacos were satisfying without being heavy.

I have the same ambivalence to pork as Mr S does to tofu. With the exception of Chinese roast pork with crackling, I find that pork is a filler protein and does not have a flavour that appeals to me by itself. I like pineapple in savoury dishes so I picked the al pastor tacos. Marinated Carlton Farms pork with onions, pineapple and cilantro, these tacos were tender and juicy. The intense grilled flavours were moderated by the sweet pineapple pieces and thick strips of caramelised onions.

We shared a side of rice and beans. Cooked in a mini cast iron dish, these were a good palate cleanser after the al pastor tacos!

Our bill was presented on a clipboard with an adorable stamped outline of the Poquitos sign.

Quiet on a Saturday afternoon, I can imagine the restaurant lively and thriving in the evenings. Maybe a jolly man in colourful clothing will entertain the crowd with tunes on his guitar!


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