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Serious Pie – Downtown, Seattle

Posted on: Monday 04 July 2011

Unlike baseball, ‘pie for six’ was music to my ears. After the Mariners‘ clean sweep loss, we were in need of Serious Pie to sate our appetite and reflect on this peculiar bat and ball game.

The weekday mid afternoon happy hour was just about full. This was our first visit to the original Serious Pie and it’s smaller and cosier than the Westlake loft.

Painted tiles line the olive green walls and we were seated at the back by the bay window. Service was a little haphazard and this was the first time in Seattle that I’ve had to do some hand waving to get the attention of the wait staff.

Mr S called it a ‘retiree dinner’ – early and discounted! At two-thirds the size and less than half the price of the standard ones, the mini pies were outstanding value.

It’s remarkable how consistent the pies are across both locations. The dough is always a lovely combination of crispy and chewy, and never soggy. A generous scattering of ingredients cover the hand stretched crust.

The chanterelle mushroom and truffle cheese pie is my favourite. I would be very sad if this is removed from the menu. Only two ingredients and yet the pie was rich and perfumed. I chewed slowly, savouring each bite for all its flavour.

The sweet fennel sausage, roasted peppers and provolone pie was almost as delectable. There was a delicious sweet spiciness to it, freshened by the tomato base.

One benefit of an early dinner was we returned home with many hours of daylight left, with baseball all but forgotten!


2 Responses to "Serious Pie – Downtown, Seattle"

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