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Shiro’s – Belltown, Seattle

Posted on: Wednesday 22 June 2011

Sushi rolls is considered fast food in Australia. From sushi train (or conveyor belt sushi) to sushi roll counters in food courts, it’s omnipresent in our southern hemisphere city diet.

I love sushi rolls for lunch – it’s cheap, there’s a variety of fillings to choose from and it’s relatively healthy. My favourite place in Sydney to grab a couple of sushi rolls for a quick work lunch is in a grimy train station in desperate need of refurbishment. Yet loyal customers return again and again, a testament to an efficient queue and value for money.

I haven’t found any ‘fast food’ sushi rolls in Seattle but I’ve now dined at the Downtown/Belltown trinity of Japonessa, Umi and Shiro’s. The first time we tried to eat at Shiro’s, they were closed for renovations. This time we were lucky to get a table without a booking on a Friday evening.

Shiro’s has a small dining room with the sushi counter featuring prominently. The three sushi chefs greeted us as we entered and service was polite and friendly throughout. We were presented the standard menu and also an ordering sheet and pen for the daily specials and chefs’ selections.

Glistening and marbled, the five triangular pieces of salmon sashimi were savoured for its freshness and mildly sweet flavours.

Next we shared fresh crab and tempura spider crab rolls. The inside out fresh crab roll was meaty, a textural contrast to the creaminess of the soft shell crabs.

Our waiter recommended the salmon roll which had a thick slice of seared salmon embracing the inside out sushi roll of more salmon. The searing highlighted the succulent flesh.

We indulged in a plate of karaage, marinated chicken dusted in a light batter and deep-fried. I loved that Shiro’s served the chicken on the bone and it had a delightfully crunchy coating. A challenge to our chopsticks dexterity, we didn’t hesitate to eat these with our fingers!

We’ll return for a seat at the sushi counter to watch chef Shiro in action!


4 Responses to "Shiro’s – Belltown, Seattle"

i came across your post via the “sushi” tag! if you want “fast food” sushi, try checking out sushiland. it’s the cheapest conveyor belt sushi i’ve found, and the quality is decent. shiro’s is amazing though =)

Thanks for the tip! I would also recommend Japonessa and Umi, both have happy hours!

Yea, I am a fan of Umi! Haven’t had a chance to check out Japonessa – it always looks so crowded when I walk by during happy hour!

I like going to the Japonessa happy hour for weekend lunch as you can sit in the main dining room. 🙂

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