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Dahlia Lounge – Downtown, Seattle

Posted on: Sunday 19 June 2011

Mr L is a creature of habit. Every other weekend we would get a late morning phone call for brunch and Dahlia Lounge is a favourite of his. The original Tom Douglas restaurant, Dahlia Lounge is genuine and charming. Dimly lit booths create an intimate atmosphere in a large dining room, which is also a dismal environment for photos.

I had a delicious Asian breakfast dish here a couple of months ago but sadly it wasn’t on the menu. It was a noodle soup in a clear broth with ham hock and spring onions topped with a poached egg, and a mild chilli sauce on the side.

Predictably, Mr L ordered the eggs Benedict. The spring version had smoked pork loin, baby arugula and poached eggs on English muffin with horseradish Hollandaise and roasted potatoes. The smoked pork loin looked grey and drab but Mr L assured us it was tender and flavoursome.

Mr A opted for an omelette of sweet pea, Laura Chenel goat cheese and smoked ham with pork loin, biscuit and roasted potatoes. A lovely pale yellow colour, the omelette was beautifully cooked and filled with heady goat cheese.

French toast is a weakness of mine and I couldn’t resist this one with strawberry compote, Chantilly cream, almond clusters, maple syrup and bacon. Pan fried in butter, the bread was spongy with a crispy edge to soak up the compote and maple syrup. The piped Chantilly cream was delightfully airy.

For years, I equated French toast to the ‘western toast’ you get in Hong Kong ‘tea cafés’ where the bread is deep fried and served with a thick slice of butter and drenched in golden syrup. The golden hues are sometimes enhanced with oozing peanut butter in the middle. It is a rich and irresistible, albeit bastardised version of French toast. 

I love Dahlia Lounge for its consistency and seasonal menu and will happily return again and again!


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