Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Feierabend – South Lake Union, Seattle

Posted on: Wednesday 15 June 2011

There was a miscommunication the first time we went to Feierabend. ‘Try searching for Pierre Ben or Fire Bund,’ Mr S suggested. Neither returned results for a restaurant in South Lake Union. So we rang the other Mr S back and asked him to spell the name – F-E-I-E-R-A-B-E-N-D. Pronunciation aside, Feierabend means end of a day’s work and thus, happy hour of pretzel and beer.

The surrounding area was near empty and so was the German style pub. Mr S assured me it gets busy in the evenings and the beer boot (glassware in the shape of a boot) is popular. While we waited for our weekend lunch order, we enjoyed the Trümer Pils, a hoppy draught beer served in a tall, slim glass.

Decorated with flags and framed black and white photos, the space is homely without being kitsch. There are bar tables and bench seating, most with a view of the open kitchen. Neatly lined, the polished custom glassware was gleaming on the lit shelves.

Last week I baked a vegetarian lasagna large enough for three dinners so we were both craving meat. I chose the schnitzel sandwich with fries and Mr S opted for the steak sandwich on the specials menu. My schnitzel sandwich was a pounded pork cutlet on a toasted baguette topped with sweet hot mustard, curry ketchup and home made apple cider slaw.

Crumbed and golden, much was promised by the schnitzel sandwich but it ended in a soggy mess. The open side of the sandwich was good – tangy apple cider slaw and moist bites of schnitzel. Unfortunately the closed half of the baguette was drowning in the sweet hot mustard and curry ketchup. Mixed in with the juicy apple cider slaw, it was an overload of condiments. The shoestring fries were delicious though, crunchy and not oily.

‘What is that pink blob?’, Mr S stared at his steak sandwich. I was curious too. The waitress spoke quickly but I think she said onion butter. I poked at it with my fork and it was solid. Mr S decided to move it onto the plate to slice it up and it melted onto the steak and crispy onions. Mild in taste, it had a cream cheese texture flavoured with caramelised onions. The steak sandwich held its shape better than mine and Mr S was satisfied.

I’m a notoriously slow drinker so maybe we’ll return with a group to share a beer boot and a plate of fried gherkins!


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