Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Dahlia Bakery – Downtown, Seattle

Posted on: Sunday 05 June 2011

Two or three times a year, usually when we’re at an airport for an early morning flight, we join the queue for a McDonald’s breakfast. We do what most of the bleary eyed travellers do – slowly circle the food court, hoping to find a healthy snack and an espresso coffee. We’re defeated by expensive prices and rationalise a McMuffin is acceptable. We’re comforted by the familiarity of the perfectly circular sausage and egg muffin with the corners of the American cheese jutting out. Warm and salty, it’s washed down quickly by the watery orange juice.

Early for a Downtown appointment, we find ourselves at Dahlia Bakery for a rare weekday breakfast. Nestled next to Dahlia Lounge, Dahlia Bakery is a small room full of artisan breads in baskets and trays of baked goods, with savoury breakfast and lunch items listed on the chalkboard. The air is sweetened by the aromas of cookies, tarts, pies and cakes.

The egg sandwiches are made to order and there are several tables outside, each decorated with a pot of bright flowers. Sidewalk dining is very Parisian, although the only view is across into Lola. Mr S is partial to a bacon egg sandwich which was on the menu. I’m one of the few who don’t believe ‘it’ll taste better with bacon’ so I chose the veggie egg sandwich with seasonal vegetables, fried egg and cheddar.

We removed the fresh breakfast sandwiches from the paper bags to reveal rustic layers. My veggie egg sandwich had asparagus spears, a fried egg and cheddar. The crunch of the asparagus, the just set egg and molten cheese is a tasty combination with the fluffy toasted muffin. Mr S was satisfied with his bacon egg sandwich with cheddar and arugula. While it was infinitely better than a McMuffin, he pointed out that it was overpriced.

The top levels of the counter are filled with cakes and pies, with the salads relegated to the bottom. Dahlia Bakery is home to Tom’s famous triple coconut cream pie. It is conveniently available in four sizes – nine inch big pie, baby pie, slice of pie and coco pie bite. I had resisted trying one since we’ve been here, afraid that I’ll be disappointed by the lofty expectation. I finally dropped in this week and bought a coco pie bite for dessert.

It is packaged in a cute, branded box for transportation. I’ve seen these boxes precariously stacked in the display window and wondered what they’re for. Tea bags? Biscotti? Cupcake? Now I know!

The box opens like a blossoming flower, caressing the prized mini triple coconut cream pie in the middle. I love coconut and each tier of the pie highlighted the fruit. At the bottom is a coconut pie crust filled with coconut custard, it’s topped with vanilla whipped cream and garnished with coconut shards and white chocolate curls. It is rich and fragrant, and every bite is infused with coconut. It’s a Seattle rite of passage to eat Tom’s famous triple coconut cream pie!


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