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Kaosamai – food truck, Seattle

Posted on: Thursday 02 June 2011

Australians love Thai cuisine, so much so that David Thompson opened a branch of his 2010 Michelin starred Nahm in Bangkok. We’ve dined at Thai restaurants where the service is impeccable and the food memorable, but there are also many eateries in the city and in the suburbs where fresh, fast and cheap Thai food is served to satiate late night crowds or quickly delivered for family dinners.

I received a text message from Mr S that prompted me to deviate from my usual lunch. He had spotted a Thai food truck on the corner of Fairview and Mercer in South Lake Union. I miss our weekly take-away from our local Thai in Sydney so I was keen to find a replacement in Seattle. An endearing hand painted sign directed me to the parking lot, where a handful of people were loitering, waiting for their orders. Food trucks aren’t renowned for their aesthetic designs and Kaosamai is no different. It is painted a bright orange, glaring on a sunny day.

On the menu is the standard Thai fare of noodles, fried rice, spring rolls, stir-fries and curries, each with a choice of proteins. A head poked out from the small and high window and I stood on tiptoes to place my order. Pad see ew is my favourite Thai dish and I was curious to try a version cooked in a truck. To me pad see ew are rice noodles wok fried in light and dark soy sauce with egg and Chinese broccoli tossed in. Sometimes there’s heat from chilli and a hint of fish sauce. Garlic is the aromatic used and assorted vegetables can be added. I like mine with crunchy carrots, capsicum (bell pepper) and snow peas piled on, with cubes of tofu to soak up the sweet-savoury sauce.

If I was in a blind taste test, I would have guessed this to be pad Thai. The slippery ribbons of rice noodles had the slightly sour flavour of tamarind which is the key ingredient in pad Thai. It confused my tastebuds – it lacked the depth and complexity of other Thai dishes and yet, it wasn’t bad. Despite having to pick out the cabbage, it was a gentle introduction to Seattle Thai.


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