Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Blue Moon Burgers – South Lake Union, Seattle

Posted on: Tuesday 31 May 2011

When we considered living in South Lake Union (or Paul Allenville) the few people we knew in Seattle were apprehensive about the neighbourhood and described it as sterile. I walk through the area most days and have observed its transformation into a dining hub. There is a cluster of restaurants along the Westlake arterial – I’ve already waxed lyrical about Tom Douglas’s restaurants, and it’s the new home of the relocated Flying Fish and Lunchbox Laboratory, next to Tesla is re:public and there’s a branch of Portage Bay Café. All this is bookended by the restaurants along the Lake Union waterfront and above Whole Foods.

Hidden next to Uptown Espresso on Republican Street is Blue Moon Burgers. It is quiet on Memorial Day, so much so that we had the place to ourselves. Posters are neatly tacked on the walls and the ceiling and air ducts are painted an azure colour. Above the counter is an extensive chalkboard menu – there is a burger of the month, you can build your own or select one of their signature burgers, and a variety of sides (frickles!), salads, shakes and soda floats.

Mr S opted for the blue Hawaiian and I decided to build my own. We ordered the half and half fries and onion rings to share. Crumbed and fried, the batter is crunchy and the onion sweet. I don’t mind soggy fries but these were extremely salty and could not be tempered by the baconnaise.

I had a craving for a simple cheeseburger, so I built my own by choosing the bun, protein, cheese, additions and sauces. I like a good burger but I’m adverse to mess. My burger had a thick Long Valley Ranch beef patty, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled gherkin and Blue Moon sauce. While it did not drip, the well cooked beef patty was under seasoned but moist. The brioche bun from Macrina Bakery was firm and held the burger together.

In contrast, the blue Hawaiian was soaking in a puddle juice. Mr S deftly lifted burger out of the pool and bit into the overstuffed burger. The blue Hawaiian consists of a beef patty covered in a teriyaki glaze, pepper jack cheese, grilled pineapple ring, lettuce, tomato, red onions, picked gherkin and Blue Moon sauce wedged between a sourdough roll. I love beetroot and pineapple in burgers as the acidity cuts through the fattiness of the meat and cheese.

At nearly twenty three dollars for two burgers, half fries, half onion rings and two soft drinks, it is on the expensive end of the fast food spectrum. But, it is gourmet and fresh, and as Mr S exclaimed, they serve beer!


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