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Ting Momo – South Lake Union, Seattle

Posted on: Tuesday 24 May 2011

I’m easily deceived by dumplings. As I review the laminated photo menu at Din Tai Fung for the umpteenth time, I’m doing mental calculations of how many dumplings per person but really it is a delaying tactic for what we know is inevitable – over ordering.

The menu at Ting Momo is sensibly designed with two or three dumplings per plate and is open for weekday lunch only. The Tibetan dumpling café is in a restored building in the Amazon cluster in South Lake Union, and together with Cuoco and Brave Horse Tavern, form a triumvirate of new Tom Douglas restaurants in the area.

Ting Momo is in a nook behind Brave Horse Tavern – you order at the counter, collect your utensils and trays of food and seat yourself at the stainless steel tables or wooden benches. We sat at a wooden bench by the window as it’s a dark space with brick walls and exposed beams, but note you have to be alert on the wobbly three-legged stools!

We chose the tingmo and samo plates to share, both are accompanied by a chickpea (garbanzo bean) salad and pickled cabbage. The tingmo are two soft steamed dumplings of curried eggplant, onion and curry paste. For a dumpling, the tingmo is large, about the size of a burger slider. I found it to be too doughy, although the curry filling is tasty and the Deyki sauce (I think it’s a soy and vinegar mix) cuts through the richness. We both loved the generous bowl of salad consists of chickpeas and diced capsicum (bell pepper), celery and red onions in a vinaigrette. It makes a healthy and filling lunch by itself.

The samo are three fried dumplings of potato, peas and yellow curry. We happily substituted one of them for two yak momo. The yak momo are smaller dumplings with silky pleated dough, studded with a cranberry. It is juicy and meaty, and pairs well with the classic soy and vinegar dip. In contrast, the samo were golden and crispy, and ergonomically shaped for eating with fingers. The mild curry flavour and the coriander (cilantro) yoghurt are a good combination.

Three dumplings and a chickpea salad did not seem an indulgent lunch but dumplings are crafty like that. We realised we had been fooled again as we sat motionless, for fear of tilting the stool, staring at the how to make dumplings series of photos on the wall.


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