Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Local 360 – Belltown, Seattle

Posted on: Sunday 22 May 2011

Local 360 is defined by its name – the restaurant challenges itself to source the majority of raw ingredients within a 360 mile radius of Seattle. A blackboard chalked with local suppliers is proudly displayed next to the bar and a large pane of glass frames a view into the cold room. We’ve dined at Local 360 twice, in the middle of winter and on the precipice of spring. There is booth seating which is intimate or you can join the long wooden communal tables. They are decorated with vintage candlesticks and sprigs of lavender in recycled glass bottles. You can peer into the semi-open kitchen and watch your food being cooked in a frantic pace. It is rustic, comfort food in large portions.

The beet salad with goat feta, hazelnuts and bull’s blood lettuce is a delicate and harmonious dish. The roasted beets are sweet and combines well with the creamy feta. Mr S decided on the butcher’s grind house burger with cheese and bacon and I opted for the spaghetti in red sauce with meatballs. I had a bite of the burger and it was juicy and well seasoned. The hand cut fries are a match stick homage to potatoes.

I rarely order meals that I can cook at home but I had previously watched Mr L eat this with such relish that I felt compelled to try it. It is a huge serving on an oval plate – a tangled mess of spaghetti doused in red sauce with three meatballs balancing precariously on top. The pasta is al dente and the sauce tangy but the meatballs were ordinary.

Three of us shared two desserts recommended by our waitress – apple fritters with bacon-caramel and parfait vanilla bean ice cream, and the hot fudge sundae with brownie, dulce de leche, marshmallow hot fudge, fried peanuts and fleur de caramel ice cream. The size was overwhelming – we tasted the apple fritters which didn’t have much apple flavour but we had spoonful after spoonful of the hot fudge sundae. Half the spoon disappears into the hot fudge and ice cream as you search for the brownie. It is rich, creamy and sticky, a classic American dessert. I would abstain from eating all day just to share a hot fudge sundae with a beloved.

Here is the rousing Local 360 manifesto from their website.

We believe in real food, grown and harvested by the good folks in our community who take care of their land for future generations. We believe in whole, natural flavours. We believe in sustainability, not as an abstract concept, but as a conscious daily choice. We believe in hands; the hands of our local farmers, products made by hand, and the goodwill fostered by such hand-in-hand relationships.


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