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Boulangerie Nantaise – Belltown, Seattle

Posted on: Monday 16 May 2011

When I worked in the city in Sydney, there was an abundance of choice for lunch. Malaysian laksa, wonton noodle soup and Chinese BBQ pork, panzerotti and pasta, Indian curries and naan, Japanese gyoza and tempura udon – there are take-away food courts, cafés with seating and many restaurants offering lunch menus. I had sushi rolls, Vietnamese rice paper rolls and mix-and-match salads on rotation. Here in Seattle, I have become a regular at Boulangerie Nantaise.

Their homemade soups are soothing and have warmed me on the most miserable of Seattle winter days. I’ve seen French onion, tomato basil, market vegetables, spring asparagus, cream of chicken and broccoli cheddar on the chalkboard. Their pastries are temptingly displayed on the counter – the chocolate chip and walnut cookie is soft and chewy, and the palmier flaky and sticky. I can’t resist it if it’s in the day-old sale tray! I also sampled the walnut brownie a couple of weeks ago and it’s heavenly.

We rarely cook fish at home and I only eat salmon and tuna unless the fish is deep-fried and served with chips or steamed whole Chinese style. And thus, the le marin is my frequent lunch sandwich. I usually have it on whole wheat or multi grain bread which is freshly baked on site. With Dijon mustard smeared on one slice and mayonnaise on the other, the le marin is flavoursome. Each bite has the creaminess of the tuna, the acidity of the cornichon, the heat of the Dijon mustard, and the tomato and romaine lettuce cuts through all that with a refreshing crunch. It is healthy and delicious, just what is needed for a quick lunch.

The staff are friendly and loves a chat, the lunch combos are good value, they use organic ingredients, there are daily specials and are open seven days – Boulangerie Nantaise is the perfect local bakery and café!


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