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Where Ya At – food truck, Seattle

Posted on: Wednesday 11 May 2011

I’m new to gourmet food trucks.

To me, food trucks are parked at petrol (gas) stations or stadiums with bright flashing lights enticing party goers or sports fans to a greasy supper of kebabs and gyros to soften their hangovers.

I’ve changed my mind.

Mr S had endured a 45 minute queue at Skillet Street Food the week before so I got to Where Ya At‘s South Lake Union location at the Cascade People’s Centre early but there was a small queue already. The cashier was efficient and managed the queue with flair. I had a moment of panic as I approached him quicker than expected – shrimp or oyster…

It was a short wait as I marvelled at the speed the two cooks were piling ingredients onto the bread rolls and wrapping up the sandwiches. I unwrapped my fried shrimp po’ boy and it is huge! The soft bread roll is stuffed with fried shrimp in a light salt and pepper batter, sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce and zingy mayonnaise. It is messy to eat, and it’s crunchy and juicy and made with love.

French doughnuts? Yes please! The Where Ya At beignets are best for sharing as there are four in a serving. I peeked in the bag and once I overcame the shock of the amount of icing sugar, I was surprised to find four beignets huddled together. The beignets were warm and sticky, fluffy and fragrant. Be warned though, you’ll get powdered by the icing sugar! Don’t do what I did and leave your unzipped handbag in your lap while eating these.

Too full to move, I watched the queue grow steadily over the next half hour. I know why there were groups of people carpooling on a weekday to get lunch from a food truck – it is a fresh and fast taste of Big Easy street food.


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