Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Spur Gastropub – Belltown, Seattle

Posted on: Tuesday 10 May 2011

April didn’t get the memo about spring and we were in need of hearty pub fare. We found refuge from the evening chill at Spur Gastropub. It was a Friday and the long wooden tables were full with two large groups and we were seated in the dining area on an elevated platform. We were mesmorised by the black and white photos projected on the wall behind us, images of ye olde Seattle.

Our waitress explained that the menu is sequenced from light to heavy – from appetizer size servings to main meals. She recommended the sockeye salmon crostini to start with while we mulled over the other items. The sockeye salmon crostini was indeed scrumptious, there were three to the plate and we graciously agreed to split the third. There were two ladies at the table next to us and we noticed they had ordered five dishes to share. I was astounded by the amount of food (course number two was a selection of cheeses) – it was definitely not tapas portions!

I ordered the tagliatelle with duck egg, oyster mushrooms and pine nuts. It is a beautifully plated dish with the ribbons of fresh pasta, glossy duck egg (sous-vide I think), parmesan foam and shavings and the curls of spring onions to add a splash of colour. The crunch of the pine nuts provides reprieve from the richness of the yolk and textural contrast to the mushrooms.

Mr S decided on a traditional pub meal of burger and fries. The shoestring fries were crunchy and the burger juicy and cheesy. The standard that all burgers are compared to are the waygu burgers at Firestick Café and Becasse in Australia and Mr S rank the Spur version close to them! We also had a side of house baked brioche which was light and buttery.

I wanted to love their desserts but my palate was not sophisticated enough to appreciate the flavours of oak aged chocolate with sherry and kumquat.

I preferred Mr S’s apple and caramel with brown butter sponge and ice cream. It is aesthetically pleasing and has a familiar combination of ingredients.

Despite the dessert stumble, I would gladly return to Spur for their cocktails and savoury dishes!


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