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Seatown – Pike Place Market, Seattle

Posted on: Monday 09 May 2011

In the three months we’ve lived in Seattle, we’ve had brunches at Dahlia Lounge, lunches at Seatown and Brave Horse Tavern and dinners at Lola and Serious Pie. Notice the plural – we’ve eaten Tom Douglas meals about a dozen times! We’ve also had Dahlia Bakery rustic breads for breakfasts and with soup on wintery nights, and devoured hot cross buns in defiance of the absence of public holidays for Easter.

We moseyed down to Pike Place Market in search of sustenance for an afternoon movie. We had sent our Mother’s Day wishes on Saturday due to the time difference and had forgotten that restaurants is likely to be full on Sunday. We decided 45 minutes was too long to wait at Etta’s for our grumbling stomachs and quickly went next door to Seatown hoping for a counter lunch. We were in luck and had a table by the window!

I’ve dined at Seatown twice before – once for weekend brunch where we shared a couple of sandwiches; and the second time I had the Seattle Restaurant Week lunch menu which is excellent value at $15 for three courses. The Seatown cream cake was a memorable dessert – a dense chocolate cake filled with a thick dollop of vanilla custard and served with toasted hazelnuts and a pot of Theo chocolate mocha ganache.

We knew what to order as we’ve reminisced about the Dungeness crab, avocado and fried egg sandwich. It is a sight to behold – wedged between the toasted English muffin are chunks of fresh Dungeness crab covering the slices of avocado and is topped with a fried egg, yolk just set. We savour each bite in appreciative silence.

I heart Tom Douglas.


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